Lube it or Lose it! - O-ring Maintenance

Preserve Your O-rings! / Avoid Floods / O-ring Maintenance

10 rules of o-ring maintenance that will help prevent you from ever saying the f word...... FLOODED!

  1. Lube your o-rings with the recommended grease
    Using the wrong silicone can cause the o-ring to expand, resulting in the o-ring being unable to maintain a proper seal
  2. Clean the o-ring using your finger tips or a lint-free cloth (make-up wedges work great!)
  3. Clean the o-ring gland (the groove that the o-ring sits in)
    Make-up wedges or eye shadow sponges work great for this as well
  4. Check the o-ring for damage.
    Look and feel for nicks, dents, or other abbrerations
  5. Store o-rings in a clean zip-lock bag
  6. Do not store o-rings in equipment when flying
  7. Replace your o-rings annually
    An inexpensive maintenance fee can help prevent an expensive equipment replacement fee
  8. Carry spare o-rings and grease for all equipment
  9. Keep your o-rings out of the sun and away from high temperatures