The Nauticam NA-5DSR housing allows Canon's flagship cameras to used underwater. The Nauticam housing with it's patented port lock system and optional vacuum system allow you to take that fantastic 5DS/5DSR/5DMKIII underwater with confidence. This Nauticam housing incorporates the latest innovations and pairs it with the extraordinary Canon EOS 5DS and Canon EOS 5DS R cameras. An astonishing 50 megapixels underwater will bring back images that were simply impossible previously. Since the 5DS, 5DS R and 5D Mark III share the same basic camera body, this housing can be used interchangeably with all three cameras. This provides incredible flexibility... shoot for high resolution with the 5DS R on one dive, then switch to the 5D Mark III for it's superb low light capability. The new housing includes the Nauticam vacuum check electronics, and, like other new Nauticam DSLR housings, even includes a simple button to easily reset the vacuum electronics when only doing a lens change.
Nauticam NA-D4
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  • Manufacturer: NAUTICAM
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 17320
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